Tag: birds

  • Nature sounds

    I make playlists of nature sounds to listen to while I work. I was a little surprised to see some tracks listed as explicit. I had no idea those birds […]

  • What does the fox say? “I WILL EAT YOUR CAT!”

    Well, the big news around our neighborhood this week is that we allegedly have some foxes going around EATING PEOPLE’S CATS! Once again, these are animals that everyone in my […]

  • Merry Victorian Christmas pt. 2

    This week’s Victorian Christmas card depicts a party of birds apparently on their way to torch another bird’s nest. At least that’s how I interpret it. Bird army. I also […]

  • Magpies

    Watched the Hunger Games recently.  They use a bird called “The Mockingjay” with a sweet song to lead their revolution. They could have used Magpies, like the ones right outside […]