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  • Summer reading

    Looking for summer reading by the pool, the beach, the bathtub? Then why not order the book that started the blog that started the podcast “Life in the Land of […]

  • Open library

    I recently found out that there is a huge internet archive open library. I spent about an hour browsing through subjects. I have no idea what the following book is […]

  • #35 The Backpacker Who Moved to Sweden

    We talk with author Patrick Hamilton Walsh about his travels, how he found himself in Sweden, and his new book “Forgive Me, Sister.”

  • If the war comes…

    We inherited this book from the 1960s that was apparently given out to Swedish citizens. It’s called “If the war comes” and it’s an instruction book on what to do […]

  • Pig history

    I’ve been reading “The Wright Brothers” by David McCullough this week, and while it’s a great book and I never realized how great and amazing these brothers and their family […]

  • Buy My Book!

    Buy my new book “As Long as I Have My Own Bathroom” and learn the secret of the mysterious Leprechaun Museum. Available on Amazon (for the U.S.) – http://amzn.com/1530292964 Available […]

  • I wrote a new book!

    I have a new book out! (also available on Amazon.co.uk) ! http://amzn.com/1530292964 or http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1530292964 How would you act if you accidentally arrived with your extended family on a nude beach […]

  • New book coming soon!

    When you have around 6 months of winter and darkness here in Sweden, you can do one of three things. Take a vacation to the sun (smartest idea, unfortunately, I’m […]

  • Why kids love medical books

    My youngest son was asked to do a short book report the other day on any book he wanted.  He chose the book about sickness and diseases that he got […]

  • image shows cover of the book Life in the Land of the Ice and Snow

    Hey, I wrote a book, ya know.

    I wrote a little collection of essays about being a Texan living in Sweden.

  • Lincoln

    Differences between me and my husband: After watching Spielberg’s “Lincoln,” my husband immediately went to find books about the Civil War while I tried to find “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.”

  • More lovely pictures

    Speaking of pictures from books, this one is my husband’s favorite:

  • My hovercraft is full of eels

    I saw a paper yesterday for new students coming to Sweden. It gives helpful phrases they may need to know in Swedish. There were only about 20 phrases. The best […]

  • Artic Drift

    I’m reading a book right now called Artic Drift.  It’s a great book but I’m starting to question whether this was the right time of year to read it.  All […]