Tag: bugs

  • Gifts for enemies

    It’s the giving season! I’ve picked out this special gift for a number of people on my enemies Christmas list! Bus driver who didn’t stop for my son and I […]

  • It still beats roaches

    We had a slight bit of a scorpion problem while renting an apartment in Italy last week. However, I still prefer scorpions to giant Texas tree roaches. Scorpions somehow seem […]

  • Bugs! Get them off me!

      This is why I can’t have any indoor plants. The minute I spot one bug on them, I throw them off the balcony!  At least they have a chance […]

  • Crawling bug season

    It’s that time of year again when you find little, irritating bugs clinging to you when you come in from the outdoors.  Yesterday it was little black flies.  I know […]

  • Bugs

    One good thing about living in Sweden – a surprisingly small amount of bugs in the house.  No roaches!  Only fruit flies for 2 weeks of the year and maybe […]