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  • This is not a “cake”!

    Don’t be fooled, expats in Sweden. If you are offered a smörgåstårta at an event, this is NOT a cake! Yes, “tårta” is the Swedish word for cake, but “smörgås” […]

  • image shows a Swedish sandwich cake with shrimp and eggs

    It should be against the law….

    The Swedes know he rest of the world would never define this fusion of substances that were never meant to be served together as "cake.

  • Deep discussions between 5-7 year olds

    Overheard with the 5 yr old neighbor girl and my 7 yr old son. Girl: Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Boy: What do you mean? Girl: Do you have […]

  • Ugly cake

    My oldest son turns 9 today.  Birthdays are fun, but I always have an ambition to make a special cake and it always turns into a disaster. For example, I […]

  • Accent

    My Swedish husband had a great accent when we first met.  When we went back to Texas on vacation, everyone would ask where he was from.  We (he) got free […]

  • Balsam does not mean Shampoo

    Many of us foreigners who move to Sweden like to tell stories of the horrible mistakes we’ve made in the grocery store.  Two of my friends made a cake with […]