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  • Another tale of Swedish trick-or-treat

    My son’s friend went trick-or-treating with his sister last weekend (because in Sweden, Halloween is 2 weeks for some reason). The Swedes are still learning how Halloween works, which leads […]

  • Sweden at war

    I much prefer seeing news about this type of war:

  • A Swedish Halloween

    Happy Halloween all! We had a Halloween dinner last night at a friends’ house and the kids got to go trick-or-treating. That’s right – LAST NIGHT, October 30. But this […]

  • What to have with my afternoon coffee…..

    I wanted a small piece of chocolate to have with my coffee.  Could only find Pop Rocks. Does this make me only half an adult?

  • A traumatic experience for the 8 yr old

    My 8-yr old was carrying around his empty candy wrapper. I asked him to put it in the trash. He walked over to the trash, carefully dropped the wrapper inside […]

  • Is it 2015 already?!

    Wow!  I think I fell into some sort of candy coma.  The last thing I remember was loads of gingerbread, chocolates, saffron buns, and beef jerkey (to even out the […]

  • Easter Monday

    Sweden celebrates Easter Monday so we have another day off.  I’m not sure why we celebrate, but I don’t complain about extra holidays. Anyway, instead of a basket of eggs […]

  • Incredible shrinking pants

    I put on a pair of pants the other day and they had shrunk.  I could hardly button the top button.  Strange.  I haven’t worn them in a while. Then […]

  • Trick or treating – the Swedish report

    We actually got invited to another Swedish/American couple’s house yesterday for a Halloween dinner plus trick or treating with their kids.  It was wonderful!  Finally my kids got a fun […]

  • Candy Corn = Gold

    There are a few things for an American in Sweden that equal gold.  This would be Velveeta cheese and candy corn.  (Not together, but hmm… I wonder….) I just got […]

  • Halloween

    This is a message for the Swedes – HALLOWEEN IS OCTOBER 31 !  IT IS ONLY ONE DAY AND IT IS ALWAYS OCTOBER 31. When I first moved here twelve […]