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  • My blessed child

    Our family was playing a board game together on New Year’s Eve. My youngest son needed to draw a certain type of card for his next turn. He said: “Please […]

  • Victorian Halloween

    Sometimes I think it must have been terrifying to live in Victorian times just based on their holiday cards.

  • Ok, seriously. This artist hates frogs!

    Before the year is out, I feel it’s important to once again touch on the subject of this card/ad artist who clearly has a problem with frogs. Did a frog […]

  • Horrible Vintage Christmas cards pt.6

    Again with the frogs. What is it with this era and dead frogs at Christmas time? Or did this artist just really have it in for frogs? Merry Christmas everyone!

  • No cackling!

    It’s already time to look ahead to spring trips. I found a lovely apartment in Rome, but I’m a bit confused by some of the house rules: “Guests are asked […]