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  • Check-in time: 7-11

    We are trying to book a hotel for our summer trip to the U.S.  Here’s one that came up on the list: Pros: You can get a Slim Jim anytime […]

  • Sort by Price: Highest to Lowest

    Who chooses this option?  I finally got on a site today that just said “sort by price” which was naturally lowest to highest. Hmm….  I want a set of pencils, […]

  • Taco Bell – expensive eatin’

    I’ve been having to do some food research lately for work and I came across this article on Business Insider about Taco Bell’s new “Low-end menu.”  “Taco Bell’s new “low […]

  • Cheap vacations

    My cousin once took her young son to the Lego store at the Galleria and let him play there for an hour.  When he was done, she told him that […]

  • Discount Airlines

    Let me tell you a little story about a trip we took on one of these discount airlines.  To protect the airlines identity, I’ll call them Lyin Air. We chose […]