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  • #51 Do Not Mess With My Semla

    In our talk today with Roger, from Ohio (where you meet all the Swedes), we discuss if the U.S. actually has real cheese, whether subway tunnels are lighted & losing […]

  • I’m an adult

    Taco Bell does not exist in Sweden. Therefore, on our recent trip to Barcelona, I really wanted to go to one since I haven’t eaten there for 3 years. When […]

  • #39 Fifty Dollars for 2 Boxes of Chex

    Sarah, from Wisconson, just wants a Target, good BBQ and affordable chocolate chips. Is that really too much to ask?

  • Cheesus Crust Superstar

    This is an actual ad from Pizza Hut in the newspaper in Stockholm. I think it’s funny but I wonder how well it would go over in the U.S.? I’m […]

  • Snack time in Texas

    Bacon-wrapped jalapenos stuffed with cheese. Just one of the many reasons I gained 5 pounds on our trip.

  • Tag lines

    While pre-publishing a post for next week (I’ll be on vacation) about politics and Europe, I was suggested certain tags for my post in order to publicize it. I’m still […]

  • Am I too cynical?

    I have to read food news for my job. The headline for one said, “Make your own cheese with only 2 ingredients!” I do that all the time. Milk and […]

  • Make your own cheese!

    This headline was in the Swedish paper this weekend.  It says, “New trend: Make your own cheese in the fridge!” I think this child has captured my thoughts exactly on […]

  • Cheese product

    Tried to take Velveeta cheese on an airplane. Got pulled over by security. Velveeta is neither a solid or a liquid.  It is not cheese, but a cheese product. Once […]

  • Caviar?

    It’s funny to me, as a Texan, that Swedish children eat caviar in squeeze tubes.  Caviar was always an expensive delicacy when I was growing up, but over here it’s […]