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  • My kind of art

    I saw this wall by Venchi chocolates at Eataly in Bologna. Pixel art is great, but it’s even BETTER when it’s made with CHOCOLATE!

  • #10 It Takes a Lot of Chocolate to Get Through a Dark Winter

    AnaMaria and Gustavo from Ecuador talk all about chocolate and how it’s made. We also discuss how it is to move from a year-round sunny and warm country to six […]

  • Death by Chocolate

    We keep our candy very high up in the cabinet so as not to be constantly tempted by chocolate. I thought I would sneak a small piece so I climbed […]

  • Yes.

    I never read the context of these articles. I pretend they are direct questions posted to me and then I answer them. On to the next headline…

  • Best news my son’s heard all week

    My youngest has been suffering from a bad cold with a strong cough all week. This article couldn’t have come at a better time for him.

  • Tips for upcoming winter

    Hang your coat on a radiator overnight to be nice and toasty when you wear it the next day. (Warning: Remove chocolates from pocket.)

  • The coffee table needs rest too

    Well it’s a 4-day weekend here and the chocolate-eating has begun….  for the adults at least.  As usual, during weekend afternoons, we tell the kids that they need to rest […]

  • My breakfast

    This was my breakfast yesterday morning.  Actually, it included small chocolate, licquorice passion fruit cakes as well but they didn’t last long enough for the picture. I might also want […]

  • Salmon with your chocolate?

    1.  Yes, that sign says, Hot Chocolate with a warm SALMON bagel.  What a great combination! 2. This was at Ben & Jerry’s ice cream parlor.  I don’t remember seeing […]

  • Candy coma

    I’ve been away from the computer for a few days.  I blame it on candy coma.  The holidays were just a 2 week candy binge.  It’s actually not over yet.  […]

  • The kind of crime I like

    Two big crime stories in the Swedish news this past month. 1. Man steals truckload of chocolate. 2. Men steal hot dogs. (caught by mustard stains!)   

  • Coffee

    Major panic in the office yesterday.  The man who orders the coffee went on vacation.  NOOOOO!!!!  Our department was completely out of coffee.  There was a mild panic and traffic jam of […]

  • TAKE IT!

    One of the cultural differences I noticed when I moved to Sweden is that Swedes will never take the last of anything.  If you attend a Swedish party, by the […]