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  • Butt roll-on with fox scent

    I’ve been doing some translating work on beauty products this week and thought I would share with you how tricky it can be at times. This particular company has a […]

  • The best of false advertising

    Yesterday, I wrote about false advertising. Looking up the most famous examples took me down a wonderful rabbit hole of the worst offenders. It made me laugh, so I thought […]

  • My children are brought to you by …

    One drawback of having children in Sweden who NEVER see t.v. commercials is that they become quite overwhelmed by them when we visit the U.S. After about a week, my […]

  • The best ads are on AM Radio

    When’s the last time you listened to AM Radio in East Texas?  … Well that’s too long! Commercials on AM Radio are the funniest thing out there. In addition to […]

  • Advertising to children

    Many people in Texas are often surprised when we visit at how seriously our kids take the commercials.  When we’ve been there, they’ve told me things like, “Mamma!  You should […]

  • “You get your way, she gets hers”

    Oh, I see, ….. that’s funny because apparently women can’t drive a stick shift.  Ah, the 60’s.  

  • America is losing millions!

    This is what I’ve been hearing from my 6 year old son for the past two mornings.  He gets a very concerned face and then tells us, “America is losing […]

  • Movies

    I went to the movies this week which started me thinking of the differences between movie theaters in Stockholm and Houston.  So today I have a list of pros and […]