Tag: December

  • Lucia madness

    December 13th in Sweden is Lucia day. It’s basically a celebration of light in the darkness, based on an Italian saint who had her eyes gouged out (really gets kids […]

  • Christmas in Sweden – St. Lucia

    December 13, St. Lucia day Today begins early in the morning when it’s still dark. A girl dresses up as a dead Italian saint with fire on her head followed […]

  • Ljubljana, Slovenia

    My family and I are taking a vacation to Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia.  I know what you’re thinking. A.  Where is Slovenia? B.  Isn’t it just a gray […]

  • Why can’t we be more Czech

    Last winter, our family went to Prague for the Christmas market.  We discovered a wonderful thing about Christmastime there – they start selling hot wine at 10 in the morning! […]