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  • #17 Tapas are the Greatest Invention

    I ask Rosa, from Spain, to fill me in on how people in southern Europe can eat dinner so late and still get up for work in the morning. We […]

  • #16 – When Stairs Become Slides

    On the podcast this week I talk to Ola, from Poland, about dubbing shows in other languages, the difference in Polish names and how to avoid ending up on crutches […]

  • What to do when the Queue Machine is Broken

    New episode of the podcast is up! As you can see from the title, we tackle a question that many Swedes struggle with – what to do when the queue […]

  • Differences in dining between Sweden and the U.S.

    Tips for travelers going either way. Sweden: Going to dinner takes 3 hours.  I didn’t believe it either, but it’s true. The dining area of most restaurants is the same […]

  • Movies

    I went to the movies this week which started me thinking of the differences between movie theaters in Stockholm and Houston.  So today I have a list of pros and […]