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  • #71 Scheduling Dinner in Advance

    We talk to Andrés, from Argentina, who has spent half of his time in normal Sweden and half of his time in pandemic Sweden. We also talk work/life balance, basketball […]

  • Is your brain stew gluten free?

    For an upcoming trip to Budapest, I started looking at restaurants to visit. Generally, I’ll try a lot of things, but I think I’ll skip this place.

  • All of the other reindeer USED to laugh..

    I had to go to the grocery store to buy reindeer for dinner tonight. I plan to tell the kids that these were the reindeer that just didn’t make the […]

  • Günters

    I finally got to visit a Stockholm institution last week – Günters hot dog stand. I’ve heard rumors over the years about the amazing hot dogs and the owner who […]

  • Smoked beaver? Anyone?

    The menu at a Russian restaurant in Tallinn. Smoked beaver on the appetizers… Bear meat stroganoff on the main courses… Bear meat dumplings..

  • Hot Dr. Pepper

    Never really caught on. 

  • It’s raining noodles

    I had a headache last night and ended up making a rather boring pasta meal for my kids and their friends. I was afraid they might not eat it, but […]

  • Living in America

    I got nothing today. I give you James Brown’s Gumbo House:

  • This is why we can’t stay more than a month

    One month in Texas = 10 lbs (that’s 5 kilos for the rest of the world!) I give you evidence:

  • Blood Pudding

    My oldest son had his 10th birthday this week.  I told him he could have anything he wanted for dinner, so he chose – Blood Pudding. Blood Pudding?  You know, […]

  • Swedish dinner

    Tomorrow we celebrate Christmas in Sweden.  This means a huge Christmas dinner (lunch actually). As you can guess, there are a lot of meatballs involved.  Also sausages, ham and potatoes.  […]

  • Pie for breakfast

    Breakfast this morning was pumpkin muffins, pie and …. a carrot – because you need something healthy.  Do my kids even realize how lucky they are to have an American […]

  • Differences in dining between Sweden and the U.S.

    Tips for travelers going either way. Sweden: Going to dinner takes 3 hours.  I didn’t believe it either, but it’s true. The dining area of most restaurants is the same […]

  • German restaurant

    Went to a German restaurant this past weekend with some friends.  Is it possible to go to a German restaurant and not discuss WW2 at some point?   It always […]