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  • #21 Around the World

    Being an expat in one country wasn’t enough for Sandy. She’s lived on 5 continents!

  • #13 This Sidewalk IS Big Enough for the Both of Us

    Steve, from England, and host of the podcast “The Experience Designers”, tells us how it is to pick up and move a family with older children to a different country, […]

  • Boxing day

    It is only this year that I learned what “Boxing day” means. Most Americans have heard this term and I guarantee that the majority of us just picture a boxing […]

  • Life NOT better for Brits in the 80s

    I’m not talking about Margret Thatcher or the Falklands War. I’m talking about THIS horrible show, watched by British children in the 1980s. A moment of silence please, for the […]

  • Shocking breaking news

    This is definately a crisis for young Swedes.  I’m glad this paper was brave enough to bring up this important issue.

  • Bow before me, I am your Viking overlord!

    I like to look up my genealogy lines in my free time.  I often have a lot of luck with one side of the family who was French.  Apparently the French […]