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  • image shows episode number 92 fashion and style

    #92 Fashion and Style

    As we hosts are fashion-clueless, we have Kate, a designer from the UK to talk to us about fashion in Sweden.

  • Vaccination fashion

    Time for vaccination! What to wear... what to wear....

  • #53 Can Sweets be Too Sweet?

    Katia and Camilla, both from Brazil, discuss dessert sweetness, fashion and question whether there really is a place called Snake Island. (There is!)

  • Fashion

    My youngest son made a cape for his brother. When his brother tried it on, it was so tight around the neck that it choked him a bit. When he […]

  • Christmas gift ideas pt. 5

    In an earlier Christmas gift idea post, I suggested a Zach Galifianakis swimsuit. Now I’m thinking, if you know someone who might want that swimsuit, they might also need a […]

  • Star Spangled Underwear

    As I was pulling on my American flag underwear this morning, I started to think about how strange it is that people get so upset about “desecrating the flag” while […]

  • Is Saturday Lederhosen day?

    People of Munich, Germany.  A question. Is Saturday Lederhosen day?  I only ask because about 40 percent of your population were wearing them last Saturday.  Here’s just a few I […]

  • Sign me up NASA

    Sometimes I wonder which is harder….   docking the space shuttle or hooking a bracelet with only one hand. After 15 minutes this morning of balancing my arm plus short nails, […]

  • Shopping – Sweden vs. U.S.

    An advantage to shopping in Sweden – you can wander around alone in a store all day and not one salesperson will bother you.  If you need help, they are […]

  • Overalls

    Listening to Dexy’s Midnight Runners this morning. When is the adult blue-Jean overall coming back into fashion? It was actually popular in the mid-eighties. I owned a pair. Legwamers have […]

  • Crazy hair old men

    I was in a meeting today with an old man in a suit. He would have looked very sophisticated except for the wild white hair going in all different directions […]

  • Fake Pockets

    So I go to put a Kleenex in the pocket of my new pants today only to realize that my pants are full of fake pockets!!!!  There wasn’t one real […]