Tag: fish

  • Why is there a fish in the water?

    Find out why there is a giant fish in the middle of Stockholm in 2021.

  • Important news

    This is the only story I felt was worth reading today on CNN. It was far more interesting than tennis injuries and political fighting. More of this please, CNN.

  • Fermented herring

    This was on The Local today. Umm…. I don’t think the world was asking, nor do they care to know.

  • Fish sticks

    My 7 year old was very disappointed with his school lunch: “Ugh! They had fish sticks at school today, and you know what was in them?! DEAD FISH!”

  • I will never understand

    It’s the time of year again when some Swedes eat rotten fish.  Yes, rotten. It’s called Surströmming.  It’s fish in a can that has been allowed to ferment at least […]

  • Looking for catfish?

    One of the most disturbing things we saw on our vacation was this pile of catfish climbing over each other in the bay.  These fish aren’t in a tank or […]

  • Caviar?

    It’s funny to me, as a Texan, that Swedish children eat caviar in squeeze tubes.  Caviar was always an expensive delicacy when I was growing up, but over here it’s […]