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  • Is this a common problem?

    I follow this subreddit where people ask if they are right or wrong about an issue. This one caught my eye. It’s an issue we all must face at some […]

  • Land of salmon and asparagus trees

    This week, we’ve had a record amount of seeds floating through the air that look a lot like snow and are covering the ground in Stockholm. The seeds are from […]

  • Life is a Highway, but not on park trails

    I got pulled over for the first time in Sweden this past weekend. Ok, I MAY have been driving on a bike trail, but I had a very good reason. […]

  • Swedish ant bed

    I know they say everything is bigger in Texas, but when it comes to ant beds, I think Sweden is in the lead. These are what ant beds look like […]

  • What does the fox say? “I WILL EAT YOUR CAT!”

    Well, the big news around our neighborhood this week is that we allegedly have some foxes going around EATING PEOPLE’S CATS! Once again, these are animals that everyone in my […]

  • Eye troll

    For the second time in a month, I’ve gotten a nasty eye infection. Yes, yes I know it’s my makeup and it’s all been thrown out now to make way […]

  • Not everything is bigger in Texas

    A little nature lesson today. This is what ant beds look like in Sweden. They are made from pine needles in the forest and are enormous!    

  • The elk did it!

    I knew it! It’s always the elk. You can’t hide those antlers in a security video!