Tag: fruit

  • Fruitopia

    We seem to be having an early season for apples and other fruits here in the Stockholm area, and I’m lucky enough to live in a place that used to […]

  • Passive aggressive

    I used to be in charge of the fruit basket at a previous job. Then they asked someone else to take over. I’m not sure why.  

  • Oh thank goodness…. summer is saved!

    I like the use of the word “fruit-related heist.”  I’m going to work that into my conversations more often.

  • Beware the Danger!

    I, myself, was viciously attacked this morning by the pineapple spike menace. How many others will have to suffer before we stop this madness! Pineapples – a danger to all! […]

  • My breakfast

    This was my breakfast yesterday morning.  Actually, it included small chocolate, licquorice passion fruit cakes as well but they didn’t last long enough for the picture. I might also want […]

  • Oranges can’t fly. Who knew?

    My son forgot his fruit to take to school today.  When he and my husband left, I suddenly remembered and banged on the window to get their attention.  I threw […]

  • Butternut squash

    I was at the grocery store this morning when I noticed a new display with butternut squash.  After years of seeing so many American recipes using butternut squash, it was […]