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  • #71 Mexican Night of the Radishes

    Shaena from Canada returns! We discuss goat betting, the meaning of 4H and shine a spotlight on Högbo.

  • Goat on Fire and weird pizza toppings

    My latest podcast episode about living in Sweden is up – A discussion of weddings in Sweden, strange toppings on Swedish pizza and why setting a 43-foot tall straw goat […]

  • Christmas goat

    Christmas goat A straw Christmas goat guards the presents under the tree. The tradition is very old and is thought to date back to Viking times during the harvest when […]

  • Follow up…. The Goat has left the building

    The goat burned Friday night.  My favourite part of this story: “”I have a hard time believing that it may have started because of natural causes.” http://www.thelocal.se/20131221/swedens-christmas-goat-torched-yet-again

  • The Christmas goat of Gävle

    Every year, the Swedish town of Gävle builds a giant straw goat during December to celebrate Christmas (yes, they use goats here to celebrate Christmas.) This started in 1967 and […]