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  • Have Yourself a Merry Lidl Christmas

    On today’s podcast episode about life in Sweden, Carolin, born in East Berlin, fills us in on the similarities and differences between Sweden and Germany. We also discuss Christmas television […]

  • Available jobs in Stockholm

    I work two part-time extra time jobs here in Stockholm, so sometimes I check to see if there might be a third extra time job I might be able to […]

  • The easy (lazy) way to teach kids another language

    On our recent trip to Germany, we bought our kids a Furby. This is a talking animal that interacts with you. Apparently there are things you can do to change it’s […]

  • German restaurant

    Went to a German restaurant this past weekend with some friends.  Is it possible to go to a German restaurant and not discuss WW2 at some point?   It always […]