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  • Difference in stores

    While we were in Budapest, we visited 3 or 4 grocery stores just to see if they had some fun items to bring back. Everything was well stocked – quite […]

  • #38 Cinnamon Buns the Size of Your Head

    Today we chat with Nicole, from Massachusetts, about the terror of grocery shopping in another language, tricks for not having to speak, recycling and Cinnamon Bun day!

  • Too friendly?

    For the first time ever, I read about an expat to Sweden who thinks Swedes are “too friendly!” In our local paper’s letter section, a person identifying themselves as having […]

  • Balsam does not mean Shampoo

    Many of us foreigners who move to Sweden like to tell stories of the horrible mistakes we’ve made in the grocery store.  Two of my friends made a cake with […]

  • Advantages to grocery shopping in Sweden

    In the months of November through April, I don’t have to rush home with the ice cream.

  • Butternut squash

    I was at the grocery store this morning when I noticed a new display with butternut squash.  After years of seeing so many American recipes using butternut squash, it was […]