Tag: Internet

  • Open library

    I recently found out that there is a huge internet archive open library. I spent about an hour browsing through subjects. I have no idea what the following book is […]

  • Yes.

    I never read the context of these articles. I pretend they are direct questions posted to me and then I answer them. On to the next headline…

  • So Russia has banned memes..

    You know what we all must do….  Here’s my contribution.

  • Facebook settings

    Why is Facebook so concerned about what I put out to other people?  I don’t care about that!  I need settings that stop OTHER people from posting annoying things to […]

  • The days without Internet

    Our Internet was out for 3 days.  3 Days!!!  In that time, I’ve read two books, finished a video game, cleaned the apartment spotless and done a lot of projects […]