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  • image shows muffins

    #100 We’re Going to Have a Meeting About the Meeting

    Malcolm from Sydney, Australia, gives us some tips on how to reinvent ourselves when starting over in a new country. Also, why do Swedes need so many meetings?

  • Stakeholders

    Every time I read a job ad that includes any mention of “stakeholders,” I just think of an angry mob chasing Dracula and then I forget what the job was […]

  • Librarian work is way more exciting than I thought

    This job ad came up over the weekend. It’s for a library assistant. I think they’ll get a lot of applicants now.

  • Available jobs in Stockholm

    I work two part-time extra time jobs here in Stockholm, so sometimes I check to see if there might be a third extra time job I might be able to […]

  • 87.5 and not one minute more!

    Sweden is great because sometimes you can get 50% jobs as well as 75% jobs.  It works out well especially if you have kids to pick up from daycare or […]

  • Deciphering job ads

    I’m looking for something part-time to supplement my translating work.  I like the ads that are straight and to the point.  Too many of them are full of double-speak and […]

  • Advantages of working from home

    Hugh Hefner has it right.  It’s great working from home because you can wear a bathrobe all day. Now where’s my martini?!

  • If my job doesn’t work out…

    …there are always other options.

  • Starting a company is better with a lot of money – who knew?!

    I’m starting my own company to translate documents from Swedish to English.  (send me your business — now that’s enough for the commercial).  So I went down to my favorite […]

  • Expert in Influenza and other Respiratory Diseases

    Still looking for jobs.  I noticed this headline.  So do you think if I walk in there with a raspy voice, fever and constant sneezing, I’ll get the job?

  • VD

    Even after all my years here, it’s still hard to remember when I am reading job ads that VD means the CEO of a company in Swedish and not “venereal […]

  • Sausage Man

    An ad is out now looking for a “sausage man.”  Man who sells sausages or man MADE OF SAUSAGES?!!??!

  • Salesman of the Future

    An ad today is looking for a “salesman of the future.”  I fully plan to apply dressed in tin foil and and talking like a robot.

  • English vs. Italian

    I’ve been looking through the job bank at opportunities for one of my Italian friends looking for a new job.  I noticed that when I look for an English speaking […]

  • My mind is more exciting than the truth

    Job searching (there might be a lot of posts about this coming up).  I saw an ad that said “Trainee BI.”  This means trainee in Business Intelligence.  However, I started […]

  • Jobs

    Looking through job ads today.  I was very intrigued by the ad for someone to organize umbrellas.  What a great job!  I wonder who you organize the umbrellas for?  Is […]

  • Plan B

    My co-worker received a phone call last week from a customer who could not get the product she wanted because it was sold out. “What will I do now?”  the […]

  • Pop the cork, it’s time to work

    One great thing about Stockholm.  Every job I’ve worked at, there’s always a bottle of champagne in the fridge.