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  • image shows a cake being baked

    #121 Living Your Best Life

    Karan, originally from India, has worked as a sous chef in Stockholm with some very well-known chefs. We obviously get some restaurant tips and learn why he hates putting raisins in lussekatter.

  • Are job ads getting dumber?

    Am I too cynical or is it just impossible to take certain companies seriously when going through job application ads? Today’s example: We’re on a mission to take over the […]

  • Just call me Ambassador

    I’m looking for jobs lately and I came across this: Happy Socks: Social Innovation Ambassador I love when jobs make up titles. I only want this job so I can […]

  • Now hiring – secret agents

    It’s that time of year again when I keep an eye out for extra jobs.  Today’s favorite was “German agent for fraud.”  (I like to ignore the “for fraud” part.) […]

  • I am unqualified for Europe

    You know, I never saw this kind of thing in the job ads back in Texas: • Fluent in English, Romanian and Russian. Ok, so I know we offer other […]