Tag: Julbord

  • #47 All Hail the Christmas Pig

    Marta, from the popular Instagram and Blog, A_Girl Who Travels, talks with us about her spontaneous move to Stockholm. We also discuss the many flavors of sill, tips on what […]

  • #6 Lucia Day has Major Health and Safety Issues

    Rachel, from the UK, discusses her hatred of saffron buns and Lucia, why you can’t name your kid Lucifer here, and lots of talk about stabbing!

  • #5 Julbord and Dog Sledding

    The latest episode of the podcast is up! I talk to Melanie from Michigan who is competing to enter a dog sledding race! We also discuss Christmas markets and Swedish […]

  • #5 Julbord and Dog Sledding

    Melanie from Michigan tells us all about dog sledding, and we chat about Christmas markets and Julbord in Sweden.

  • Christmas in Sweden – Food

    We celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve and celebrations start with lunch at noon. Christmas food in Sweden is ham, pickled herring, meatballs, potatoes with anchovies, small sausages and dry crisp […]