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  • Cafe Culture and Neighbors

    On this week’s episode of the podcast, Olga, from Ukraine, talks about Ukrainian vs. Swedish cafe culture, getting to know your neighbors through fake traditions, and the beauty of rules, […]

  • #17 Tapas are the Greatest Invention

    I ask Rosa, from Spain, to fill me in on how people in southern Europe can eat dinner so late and still get up for work in the morning. We […]

  • Where’s my balloon?

    Lots of people like to ask, “Hey, where’s my hoverboard?” in reference to what we thought our current lives would look like by the 2000s. I stumbled across an interesting […]

  • The modern family

    As I’m sitting here typing this in my nice comfy slippers from my iPad, my husband plays games on his RetroPie from the bed, my oldest son is using Skype […]

  • Gifts for enemies

    It’s the giving season! I’ve picked out this special gift for a number of people on my enemies Christmas list! Bus driver who didn’t stop for my son and I […]

  • It still beats roaches

    We had a slight bit of a scorpion problem while renting an apartment in Italy last week. However, I still prefer scorpions to giant Texas tree roaches. Scorpions somehow seem […]

  • A passion for chainsaws

    These job ads get more specific every day. Today’s copywriting ad states that they would prefer an applicant who is really into chainsaws. If I come dressed as this guy, […]

  • Yes.

    I never read the context of these articles. I pretend they are direct questions posted to me and then I answer them. On to the next headline…

  • Always be prepared

    Sometimes I think I might have a touch of obsessive compulsive disorder, but then I remind myself that there’s nothing wrong with me except the fact that I keep certain […]

  • Advancement of our civilization

    Sometimes I think about the hard-working farmers hundreds of years ago, constantly working the land to feed the family and earn enough money to survive. I think about people working […]

  • Everything was better in the …

    … insert decade here. I’m sure you’ve gotten one of these emails before, or seen a post on Facebook about how much better it was in the 1950s. “We didn’t […]

  • In the year 2024…

    My son asked me the other day, “Will you be alive in 2024?” Umm… I hope so? This was his opening question before telling me that WE are going to […]