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  • Back from Slovenia!

    Back from Slovenia!  And it was actually a very beautiful place! We were in Ljubljana and it was Christmas market time.  The whole old part of the city was lit […]

  • Ljubljana, Slovenia

    My family and I are taking a vacation to Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia.  I know what you’re thinking. A.  Where is Slovenia? B.  Isn’t it just a gray […]

  • You are here.

    We’re going on vacation to Ljubljana, Slovenia soon so I’ve been looking for things to do with the kids.  I found some sort of adventure center so I thought I’d […]

  • Do I trust Shatner with my flight?

    I’ve been looking for some flights lately for a trip we will be taking later this year.  I’ve tried all sites and finally came to Priceline, with celebrity spokesperson William […]