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  • Bathroom decoration

    My son ran out of a restaurant bathroom in Italy very frightened. “I can’t go! This man with a huge head keeps staring at me!” So of course I had […]

  • Horrible Vintage Christmas cards pt.5

    Don’t shake his hand, Little Girl! Don’t do it! There’s something off about this guy. I saw him on the subway last week. Stay away!

  • Gifts for fathers

    I’m having trouble finding Christmas presents for my husband.  I went on one website to find typical man gifts, husband gifts, father, etc.  I really feel sorry for men out […]

  • Show your bald man you love him, give him a beer

    I was just looking up cooking classes when I found an ad for “beer tasting.”  That’s great.  I’ve been to one and it’s fun.  My problem is with the picture.  […]