Tag: October

  • Trying once again to explain Halloween to Swedes

    Listen to the latest bonus episode of our expat podcast as we make our yearly attempt to explain Halloween and Day of the Dead to the country of Sweden. Available […]

  • My (fake) namesday

    In Sweden, every day has a name attached to it.  Why is this?  I really don’t have time to Google it, I gotta pick up my kids in 20 minutes. […]

  • Halloween

    This is a message for the Swedes – HALLOWEEN IS OCTOBER 31 !  IT IS ONLY ONE DAY AND IT IS ALWAYS OCTOBER 31. When I first moved here twelve […]

  • Cell phone conversations in public

    I found myself embellishing my cell phone conversation yesterday for the entertainment of my fellow subway passengers. My husband and I had a discussion about Halloween and my frustration with […]

  • All hail the mighty cinnamon bun!

    One of the best things about Sweden is all the pastry-themed holidays.  Today is Cinnamon bun day!  When I asked why we have a cinnamon bun day, I was told […]