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  • Crowds of parents at theatre

    Trials of being a parent

    Being a parent is like fighting for a seat on a RyanAir flight. Everyone is out for themselves and the weak are trampled.

  • Selling a jacket online. An unfortunately true story.

    Jacket for sale – $10. — Message from Woman: I’m interested. I’d like to try it on. Me: Ok, here’s my address. (I write address). Woman: I’ll get back to […]

  • My own magazine

    I have to read a lot of online magazines for my job. So many of them are the same. Then I start thinking about writing my own online magazine. Much […]

  • Onion glasses!

    Can’t believe I’ve never seen these before. Very glad research and time is going toward important things like this. http://www.smartasaker.se/lokglasogon.html