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  • Google translate – hours of entertainment

    I looked up reviews on a children’s activity park in Italy, but everything was in Italian so I had to use Google Translate. I don’t know why this person only […]

  • Neighborhood fox update

    So now this shows up on the neighborhood forum: “Idag på em var hela familjen och lekte i lekparken, sonen hade sin gula fotboll med sig och efter att ha […]

  • Ai Pioppi

    We’ve just returned from a week long trip in northeast Italy. One of the highlights of the trip was a restaurant/amusement park called Ai Pioppi. Ai Pioppi is an amusement […]

  • Disneyland Paris

    We finally took the kids to Disneyland Paris last week. (You see, you have to wait until they are over 1 meter tall so they can ride things.)  They loved […]

  • Sign illustrations

    Sometimes I wonder who has the job of coming up with the illustrations for park signs.