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  • If only it were edible

    This came up on my ads today. 1. I don’t want this blanket, but I really want a pizza now. 2. Isn’t it odd that these girls in a white […]

  • Almost charitable, but not quite

    What do you want for your birthday, son? Instead of a gift for me, I want to give it to someone else. Wow! That’s very charitable of you! Who would […]

  • Last-minute gift ideas?

    For the person who has everything… Well, I bet they don’t have THIS!      

  • My kind of jewelry

    I like to wear jewelry, but I also like to be practical. Fortunately, I found the perfect necklace!  

  • Gifts for enemies

    It’s the giving season! I’ve picked out this special gift for a number of people on my enemies Christmas list! Bus driver who didn’t stop for my son and I […]

  • Christmas gift ideas pt. 9

    I have needed this in so many situations. It’s a good size to fit in your bag as well.

  • Christmas gift ideas pt. 8

    Some days, I have trouble fixing my hair, but if I had an awesome unicorn horn to wear, the problem would be solved!

  • Christmas ideas pt. 7

    Because sometimes I need to have Lobster Claw hands.

  • Christmas gift ideas pt. 4

    I only went to one school dance, but if I had known about KFC’s chicken corsage, I probably would have gone to more.

  • Christmas gift ideas pt. 3

    Ok, I don’t actually want this gift, but I would consider buying it if I were forced to be a secret santa at the office for someone I hate. Feel […]

  • Christmas ideas pt. 2

    On my online quest for ideas to put on my wish list, I have come across this wizard hat for cats. I don’t have a cat, but if I could […]

  • Christmas Ideas pt. 1

    My husband wants to know what I want for Christmas. He’s tired of me asking for the same books and bath stuff. I promise I try really hard to come […]

  • Maybe not the best gift for dad?

    Apparently, today is Father’s Day in the U.S. This ad showed up while I was browsing things to do in Houston. Do you think your father might be a bit […]

  • Treat yourself!

    Gee, thanks Amazon.  I know my birthday is coming up and all, but I’m not quite understanding why this is on the top of my list.

  • Worst gift ever

    I saw this ad on the subway this weekend.  It says, “Give a white smile as a Christmas present” from City Dental. Sad.  That’s just sad.  

  • Christmas gift tip of the week

    If I had the money, I would buy this for my husband

  • Butterfly Surprise

    Found this while online shopping.  Luckily I realized later that these butterflies were made of paper.  My first thought was – “What a horrible gift! The woman in the picture […]