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  • Christmas in Sweden – Rhyming

    The Christmas gift poem is not as widely done these days, but some people still practice the tradition. The gift-giver writes a couple of rhyming couplets on their presents, hinting […]

  • Re-gifting

    I was watching John Oliver’s YouTube clip about re-gifting this morning. He advised to just re-gift for office parties instead of re-gifting to your friends.  I feel like most people […]

  • I need this

    My birthday is in a couple of days.  Is it too late to put this on my wish list?

  • 90 years

    My grandmother is turning 90 in a few days so I was online looking for birthday ideas. I found a cake topper for sale that said, 90th Birthday Wedding Anniversary […]

  • Bigger Christmas gifts

    My husband complained that I only asked for little stuff for Christmas and he wanted to get me something big, so I asked for this.  He was not amused.  (Ok, […]

  • Gifts for new baby

    I want to get these for some of our family that are about to have a new baby.  Do you think they’ll like them?

  • Gifts for fathers

    I’m having trouble finding Christmas presents for my husband.  I went on one website to find typical man gifts, husband gifts, father, etc.  I really feel sorry for men out […]

  • Millineum Grandma

    Just checked Amazon’s “Gift Ideas for Grandma” section. They suggest the Millenium book series. I’m not really sure that’s the right choice for most of the grandmothers I know.