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  • Let’s go to the movies!

    Apparently, some theaters are open again in Stockholm! Not very many, but a few. There are maybe about 10 movies playing in the whole city, but one of them is […]

  • #54 I Was Told There Would be Snow

    Jenny, from Costa Rica, talks about the mild winter this year, the troubles of finding a job in another country, and sloths.

  • Are people really this stupid?

    A bag of special snack Doritos from the U.S. Is it really necessary to remind people to chew? If you don’t know that you need to chew chips, then maybe […]

  • Reflectors

    I keep hearing that a lot of the Nordic countries spray deer and moose antlers with reflecting paint in the dark winter.  Can I get some of that for my […]

  • My brilliant idea

    When I went to the public pool the other day, I started thinking how I could hide my wallet and keys so I could swim without anyone taking them.  Suddenly, […]