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  • Günters

    I finally got to visit a Stockholm institution last week – Günters hot dog stand. I’ve heard rumors over the years about the amazing hot dogs and the owner who […]

  • Menu with pictures not a hit

    I thought I’d start a new thing at home where I make a menu of what we will have for breakfast during the week. Normally the kids love sausage & […]

  • Sausage Man

    An ad is out now looking for a “sausage man.”  Man who sells sausages or man MADE OF SAUSAGES?!!??!

  • Falukorv – or – How can you mess up sausage?

    Sausage.  How can anyone mess up a sausage?  This was always my belief until I moved to Sweden.  How do you mess it up?  Turn it into falukorv!  I’m not […]