Tag: Science

  • Nothing to see here

    Took the kids to a science experiment center last weekend. As we entered one of the live shows, the woman at the microphone said, “Welcome! Sorry about the accident at […]

  • Where’s my balloon?

    Lots of people like to ask, “Hey, where’s my hoverboard?” in reference to what we thought our current lives would look like by the 2000s. I stumbled across an interesting […]

  • Killer robots in the news again

    An opinion piece on CNN is titled “Should we fear killer robots?” Yes. It does seem like a no-brainer because of the adjective “killer.” If this headline said, “Should we […]

  • Yes.

    I never read the context of these articles. I pretend they are direct questions posted to me and then I answer them. On to the next headline…

  • Buried news

    With all the government news lately, I’m starting to feel that we might be losing focus on what’s happening in other fields. On CNN today, there was a list of […]

  • Parenting lesson #15 – Why predicting the future is bad

    Had a very detailed discussion yesterday on the subway with my son about the dangers of future prediction. As he is too young to have seen the movie “Minority Report,” […]

  • Best news my son’s heard all week

    My youngest has been suffering from a bad cold with a strong cough all week. This article couldn’t have come at a better time for him.

  • My life as a lab rat

    I’m starting to easily understand the old story of Alexander Fleming leaving an experiment over a long weekend and discovering penicillin from the mold when he came back. Apparently in […]

  • Tomatan – Robot of the future

    Lately at my job, I’ve been doing research on food and technology. ¬†Today I came across an article¬†that beautifully combines the two and I felt the need to share it. […]