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  • Bananya

    I just found my new favorite show. And also why my kids don’t eat bananas. https://www.crunchyroll.com/bananya/episode-1-the-kitty-who-lives-in-a-banana-715861  

  • Nothing to see here

    Took the kids to a science experiment center last weekend. As we entered one of the live shows, the woman at the microphone said, “Welcome! Sorry about the accident at […]

  • Zombies of WW1

    I currently have two television shows I’m following: The Walking Dead and Downton Abbey.  Yes, I’m a gal of many tastes. I think if you’re going to follow any shows […]

  • Howler monkeys

    I once had a great idea for a talk show hosted by howler monkeys.  Each week, there would be a new celebrity guest escorted into a room with a family […]

  • I have become bitten

    One thing that makes television fun to watch over here is the way they translate the titles.  There is a show on every evening listed as, “I Have Become Bitten.”  […]