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  • Ok, here’s the horrible list

    I ended last week on a nice note with beautiful Christmas music. So now here’s my list of TERRIBLE Christmas music! It’s a great list to have if you want […]

  • Actual nice Swedish Christmas music

    Most years, I share my list of horrible Christmas music, but today, I’m sharing some Swedish Christmas music that’s actually very nice! So if you have Spotify, and would like […]

  • Frightening sick children

    My son was sick last week with a bad cough and fever. After giving him some cough medicine and tea, I told him to rest. I then put on some […]

  • I Don’t Like Mondays – and neither do the kids

    Today is everyone’s first day back to school after Easter break. I had to haul depressed kids to the kitchen table for breakfast.  Then, in typical Monday fashion, we all […]

  • Bo Diddley

    Sitting at work and listening to “The Best of Bo Diddley.”  Seven songs on this album are ABOUT Bo Diddley.  There just aren’t enough artists singing songs about how great […]