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  • image shows car on Swedish icy driving course

    #88 Take a Chance

    We speak to Ana from Mexico City, but this isn’t her first time living abroad. We also talk about learning Swedish through subway announcements & fun times on the icy driving course.

  • Trending now in Sweden!

    Guess what the latest Swedish trend is?

  • Episode #50 Red Wine and Gatorade

    On today’s episode of Life in the Land of the Ice and Snow, we catch up on winter break activities, new museums & new restaurants. Also, roller skis are weird. […]

  • #50 Red Wine and Gatorade

    We catch up on winter break activities, new museums and new restaurants. Also, roller skis are weird.

  • #45 What Does the Swede Say?

    To celebrate our one-year anniversary of the podcast, we turn the tables this week and talk to a Swede!

  • #44 Turn at the Robot

    Samantha, from South Africa, runs Girl Gone International, an online group for expat tips and meetups. We talk language mistakes, getting out of your shell and of course, food!

  • #37 Superstitions and Air Raid Sirens

    Pinar, from Turkey, joins us on this week’s episode when we talk about superstitions, air raid sirens and chain restaurants that might or might not be Turkish.

  • Gotland – a different kind of island

    On this “Summer Edition – Swedes Explain” episode of the podcast, the Swede of the week, Jorun, tells us about the popular tourist destination of Gotland, an island in the […]

  • #32 Swedes Explain – Gotland

    Today’s Swede, Jorun, tells us about the popular tourist destination of Gotland, an island in the Baltic Sea.

  • #31 Swedes Explain – West Coast Represent

    Looking for the right place in Sweden to relax on your summer vacation? Why not try the west coast? Isadora describes the idyllic scenery of spending a summer in this […]

  • Swedes Explain: Midsommar

    Today on the podcast, we ask Erik to discuss the flavors of Midsommar – new potatoes, strawberries and pickled herring. And then we discuss how to get rid of those […]

  • There IS enough room on this sidewalk for the both of us!

    On this week’s episode of the Life in the Land of the Ice and Snow podcast, Steve, from England, and host of the podcast “The Experience Designers”, tells us how […]

  • What to do when the Queue Machine is Broken

    New episode of the podcast is up! As you can see from the title, we tackle a question that many Swedes struggle with – what to do when the queue […]

  • I’ve got a podcast!

    Much like my books, it’s about the funny things that happen as an expat living in Sweden. I interview a different fellow expat friend each week and we talk about […]

  • Just because I SOUND like a caveman…

    This past weekend, I took a shortcut past a brand new tram stop that had not yet opened. A very confused looking woman asked me in Swedish when the next […]

  • Oh thank goodness…. summer is saved!

    I like the use of the word “fruit-related heist.”  I’m going to work that into my conversations more often.

  • More DISASTER Strawberry news….

    It seems I missed this story in The Local over the weekend. When I say Swedes take their strawberries seriously, I really mean it. And no, it’s not a joke. […]

  • Midsommar and EVIL Midsommar

    This past weekend, we celebrated Midsommar here in Sweden. It’s a celebration of the longest day (though that’s actually yesterday, I believe), where Swedes dance around a Maypole like frogs…. […]

  • Is it just me?

    I’m currently sitting at work in my winter coat.  Normally I sit in the next room with a portable heater all alone.  The other people who work here don’t want […]

  • Stereotypical kids

    I just realized that this past weekend, my kids ate meatballs for lunch, danced to Abba and watched the Swedish chef on YouTube.  I never noticed just how Swedish they […]