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  • image shows child in giant winter overalls in snow

    #94 The Best Thing About Sweden is Pastry Traditions

    Our guests today are from France, with a side of American. We talk winter and Lucia gear for kids, how to beat seasonal depression and getting your medical needs online.

  • #91 Ville Volvo Vovve

    We talk to Emma, one of the creators of the new book from The Local, "Villa Volvo Vovve" and learn the real meanings of phrases that even Swedes don't know!

  • image shows haircutting tools

    #90 The Cutting Edge

    Emily, from Arizona, gives us the lowdown on how it works with hairdressers in Sweden, going to school for a Master’s degree and the sad lack of Crystal Light.

  • image shows car on Swedish icy driving course

    #88 Take a Chance

    We speak to Ana from Mexico City, but this isn’t her first time living abroad. We also talk about learning Swedish through subway announcements & fun times on the icy driving course.

  • Summer Sweden

    #86 Summertime tips

    To close out the season before summer we offer some tips for those staying in or heading out of Sweden. By the way, Sweden is closed in July.

  • #83 The Return of Akash

    Akash, originally from India, is back! Not just back on the podcast, but back in the country! A few weeks vacation turned into an unexpected year. But he’s been busy […]

  • #82 – The Ultimate Guide to Umeå

    Erik, from Umeå Today, and author of “The Umeå Handbook,” talks to us about all things Umeå!

  • #77 Cash, Card or Gold?

    We talk to Tamara, who just arrived 4 months ago. She’s lived in Bosnia, Libya, UK and Dubai! How does Sweden measure up?

  • #71 Scheduling Dinner in Advance

    We talk to Andrés, from Argentina, who has spent half of his time in normal Sweden and half of his time in pandemic Sweden. We also talk work/life balance, basketball […]