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  • Life NOT better for Brits in the 80s

    I’m not talking about Margret Thatcher or the Falklands War. I’m talking about THIS horrible show, watched by British children in the 1980s. A moment of silence please, for the […]

  • The importance of parents

    The other day, my husband and I walked down to the post office (a ten minute walk) to pick up some packages. Before we left, we told our television watching […]

  • The coffee table needs rest too

    Well it’s a 4-day weekend here and the chocolate-eating has begun….  for the adults at least.  As usual, during weekend afternoons, we tell the kids that they need to rest […]

  • Vegetable Soup (Outerscope)

    Don’t worry.  I’m not letting myself off the hook with my week-long posts about the creepiest and worst kids’ t.v. shows ever.  I end this week with a clip from […]

  • A Japanese cartoon interlude

    Going with my theme of horrible kids’ shows…. Some might think this is awful, but this is actually the only one on this list that I like and I would […]

  • Vilse i Pannkakan (Lost in the pancake)

    Oh, Sweden isn’t escaping my week of messed-up children’s programming.  This is from the 70s in Sweden.  My husband often speaks of this show and then shudders, going into an […]

  • Baby Jake

    After the shocking discovery of “Rastamouse,” I decided to investigate what was going on with children’s television at the BBC.  It’s becoming clearer why the British empire no longer exerts […]

  • Tiger Toothpaste

    Why can’t my toothpaste look like this?  I really don’t understand why adult toothpaste can’t have cool pictures too.  We could have cool characters from our shows just like kids […]

  • They’ve done it again!

    First Spotify, then Amazon…. now the kids have gotten into my Netflix account and changed all the settings!  I worked for weeks cultivating the perfect system for recommendations.  I rated […]

  • Howler monkeys

    I once had a great idea for a talk show hosted by howler monkeys.  Each week, there would be a new celebrity guest escorted into a room with a family […]

  • I have become bitten

    One thing that makes television fun to watch over here is the way they translate the titles.  There is a show on every evening listed as, “I Have Become Bitten.”  […]