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  • Toothbrush thoughts

    My son had a good dentist appointment this week and the dentist gave him a new toothbrush when he left. He took it out of the wrapper and slowly ran […]

  • Late night questions

    Last night’s very important question from my son after going to bed: “Mamma, would you rather have teeth for hands or hands for teeth?” (Teeth for hands, of course.)

  • Dentist

    I saw a dentist office with a video screen facing outside the window showing tools digging through people’s mouths. Why would this encourage me to visit that particular office?  I […]

  • Tiger Toothpaste

    Why can’t my toothpaste look like this?  I really don’t understand why adult toothpaste can’t have cool pictures too.  We could have cool characters from our shows just like kids […]

  • Defending my tooth honor

    As I was looking at my bottle of Listerine mouth wash yesterday, I noticed that the name “Listerine Flouride” has now been changed to “TEETH DEFENCE!”  I used to just […]

  • Tooth meat

    In Swedish, the word for gums is tandkött, which translates to “tooth meat.”  For some reason, this really bothers me.  I can’t stand to hear things like, “When you brush, […]