Tag: Thanksgiving

  • #70 You Must Have Vitamin D

    We discuss the dark month of November, the sjuarmade ljusstaken and Black Friday. Also, Diego discovers that grits are not a Thanksgiving food.

  • Hot Dr. Pepper

    Never really caught on. 

  • Thursday

    As usual, today is simply “Thursday” here in Sweden. I have nothing Thanksgiving-ish to say, so I leave you with the most disturbing pictures I could find on the internet.

  • Thanksgiving in Sweden

    Happy Thanksgiving Americans.  Here’s my Swedish Thanksgiving meal.  It’s called Thursday soup.

  • Pie for breakfast

    Breakfast this morning was pumpkin muffins, pie and …. a carrot – because you need something healthy.  Do my kids even realize how lucky they are to have an American […]

  • Giving thanks for not having to cook today

    Happy Thanksgiving to all in the U.S. Happy Thursday to Europe! Today is Thanksgiving in the U.S.  This is the time when everyone meets family, eats too much, watches football […]

  • Thanksgiving

    There is no Thanksgiving in Sweden.  I sincerely didn’t hope you read this title thinking that there was. However….. For we Americans who live here, we try to celebrate with […]