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  • Pro Winter Tip

    Great tip for making your apartment more cozy during the winter when you don't own a fireplace.

  • Summer Sweden

    #86 Summertime tips

    To close out the season before summer we offer some tips for those staying in or heading out of Sweden. By the way, Sweden is closed in July.

  • Podcast quarantine episode #57!

    Special Quarantine episode! Learn about restrictions in Stockholm public transport, tips for things to do when stuck at home and mysterious raids on onions. Available anywhere you get your podcasts […]

  • Podcast episode #52

    Episode #52 – I Never Learned to Ski Today we learn about the best weather apps, how to travel cheap, whether office massages are good or bad, and of course, […]

  • #44 Turn at the Robot

    Samantha, from South Africa, runs Girl Gone International, an online group for expat tips and meetups. We talk language mistakes, getting out of your shell and of course, food!

  • #36 Cafe Culture and Neighbors

    Olga, from Ukraine, talks about Ukrainian vs. Swedish cafe culture, getting to know your neighbors through fake traditions, and the beauty of rules, among other things.

  • #34 Scuba, Starfish and Summer Camp

    We’re back for Season 2 with a recap of our Swedish and not-so Swedish summers. We discuss scuba diving with the metric system, the advantages of bathing caps and co-ed […]

  • #27 Season Wrap-up and Summer Tips

    Heather and Monica take you through a review of what we’ve learned this season and the people we’ve met. We also have some good summer tips, including why you should […]

  • Tips for upcoming winter

    Hang your coat on a radiator overnight to be nice and toasty when you wear it the next day. (Warning: Remove chocolates from pocket.)