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  • #66 Just Use the Bucket

    We are back! We catch up on our summer experiences, like broken toilets, meze for Midsommar and traveling in the outside world! Also, a spotlight on Fårö.

  • No one wants see-through bathrooms

    Looking up hotels for Barcelona and starting to remember how it was last time we were there. Both of the hotels we stayed in just had weird frosted glass separating […]

  • Bathroom decoration

    My son ran out of a restaurant bathroom in Italy very frightened. “I can’t go! This man with a huge head keeps staring at me!” So of course I had […]

  • Everything was better in the …

    … insert decade here. I’m sure you’ve gotten one of these emails before, or seen a post on Facebook about how much better it was in the 1950s. “We didn’t […]

  • I no longer want to go to the end of the rainbow

    I guess if you own a port-a-potty company, you might as well come up with a funny name.

  • Top-rated restaurant

    This weekend, I was looking for a nice restaurant for my husband and I to celebrate our wedding anniversary. I finally found one with a top rating.  That is, it […]