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  • #38 Cinnamon Buns the Size of Your Head

    Today we chat with Nicole, from Massachusetts, about the terror of grocery shopping in another language, tricks for not having to speak, recycling and Cinnamon Bun day!

  • Butt roll-on with fox scent

    I’ve been doing some translating work on beauty products this week and thought I would share with you how tricky it can be at times. This particular company has a […]

  • A magical word

    “förnämliga” That is the word I had to translate the other day (I work part-time translating documents from Swedish to English). As you see, it can have vastly different meanings.  […]

  • News of the Weird

    I picked up the Swedish paper this morning and had to ask myself, why is there a train full of virgins going to Moscow? After careful reading I finally realized […]