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  • image shows a spooky seal

    Fun with language pt. 132

    Reading Swedish the wrong way sometimes means seals can be spooky.

  • Today’s important Italian phrase

      Always useful when traveling.

  • Land of salmon and asparagus trees

    This week, we’ve had a record amount of seeds floating through the air that look a lot like snow and are covering the ground in Stockholm. The seeds are from […]

  • Google translate – hours of entertainment

    I looked up reviews on a children’s activity park in Italy, but everything was in Italian so I had to use Google Translate. I don’t know why this person only […]

  • Just because I SOUND like a caveman…

    This past weekend, I took a shortcut past a brand new tram stop that had not yet opened. A very confused looking woman asked me in Swedish when the next […]

  • Pizza Hatt

    In Stockholm, many businesses can be found in one building. While looking for directions to a doctor’s appointment, I noticed that the address was listed as a place called “Pizza […]

  • Toileted

    I work part-time as a translator for Swedish to English documents. My oldest son tried to translate a paper his school sent home about how he should prepare for singing […]

  • The problem with Google Analytics

    We all know that Google and other websites monitor our searches and interests in order to tailor product ads to our needs (as well as other things). While having ads […]

  • image shows a cartoon mole

    Please remove this creature

    I wrote the doctor here in Sweden to make an appointment to have a mole removed. I may have mis-translated.

  • Translated reviews of Italian houses

    Like most Swedes, I’m spending my winter months planning our summer vacations.  I’ve been reading reviews on many of the places I’m interested in.  A new feature is an automatic […]

  • News of the Weird

    I picked up the Swedish paper this morning and had to ask myself, why is there a train full of virgins going to Moscow? After careful reading I finally realized […]

  • Watch your language

    I am usually very careful about the expressions I use around people who don’t have English as a first language, but I slipped up earlier this week.  A woman was […]

  • I want!

    I’ve noticed that the woman at the reception desk at the swim hall always looks at me as if I’m an alien when I ask to swim.   I’ve thought about […]

  • I have become bitten

    One thing that makes television fun to watch over here is the way they translate the titles.  There is a show on every evening listed as, “I Have Become Bitten.”  […]