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  • The new subway cars are here! The new subway cars are here!

    I may be a little late to this news, because as I mentioned a couple of posts back, there’s been NOWHERE to go and NOTHING to do, so I haven’t […]

  • Dulles -steampunk or old and freaky?

    So apparently at Dulles airport, when you need to get from one terminal to another, you ride in a boat/car/train. I have never seen this in my life. First of […]

  • On the bus

    I was riding the bus when a group of daycare children came on with their teachers to sit in the rows behind me.  It was very interesting listening to the […]

  • Madness

    In case you don’t live in Stockholm and were wondering what it was like earlier this week to fight off half a million people for buses when they shut down […]