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  • A traumatic experience for the 8 yr old

    My 8-yr old was carrying around his empty candy wrapper. I asked him to put it in the trash. He walked over to the trash, carefully dropped the wrapper inside […]

  • My life as a lab rat

    I’m starting to easily understand the old story of Alexander Fleming leaving an experiment over a long weekend and discovering penicillin from the mold when he came back. Apparently in […]

  • Garbage

    “Take a right and when you get to the blue building across from the hospital…. you know, the one with the wall of trash?…. that’s my place.” A terrible thing […]

  • Garbage

    I used to live in a building with a trash chute in the stairwell.  That was the greatest.  I could walk 3 steps outside my door in my pajamas and […]