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  • Unrealistic language courses

    I do a few lessons each day on the Rosetta Stone program in Italian. Today, my problem is not necessarily with the language, but with this situation: A man comes […]

  • Christmas in Sweden – Donald Duck

    This Disney Donald Duck Christmas special has been shown at 3pm every year on Christmas Eve since 1959 and almost all Swedes organize their celebrations around the show. Most families, […]

  • Flat screen TVs are ruining childhood!

    Back in my day: My kids in 2015:

  • Rastamouse

    While trying to find the lowest rated shows on Netflix last night (still haven’t found one star yet), we came across a British cartoon called “Rastamouse.” We watched this for […]

  • Howler monkeys

    I once had a great idea for a talk show hosted by howler monkeys.  Each week, there would be a new celebrity guest escorted into a room with a family […]

  • I have become bitten

    One thing that makes television fun to watch over here is the way they translate the titles.  There is a show on every evening listed as, “I Have Become Bitten.”  […]